Sur Tan Original Lightweight Black Denim Biker's Vest with Leather Trim

Sur Tan Mfg. Co.

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Lightweight black denim with leather side panels, pin flaps, and buckle straps.

Custom orders for sizes and colors are available. Please call  (508) 394-4099. First-time buyer discount cost will be 20% and as low as $299


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Belt Sizing Instructions

When ordering belts, measure an existing belt from the end of the buckle (see image point A) to the hole that the belt is most frequently worn on (see image point B).

Example: If you measure 36 inches from A to B, you would order a size 36 belt. *If not possible, order one size up from the current pant size. A person who wears a 34” pant size would need a 36” belt.

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